International Alliance for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Schools

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Intercamhs is a new international alliance that aims to promote the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Already, we have 244 members from 35 countries and membership is growing rapidly. Intercamhs brings together a wide range of professionals from all over the world, each with their own expertise and experience.


Germany country-level report for the International Principals Survey is now available. (NOW IN ENGLISH, TOO)

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Strengthening the Canada-United States Partnership to Advance School Mental Health

Workshop Report

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The 19th World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions and the 6th Congress of the Asian Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions will be held from 2nd to 6th June, 2010 in Beijing, China.

A US/Canadian School Mental Health Alliance

Policy makers, researchers, practitioners, and technical assistance specialists from the United States and Canada joined together for a collaborative workshop in Minneapolis, MN on November 5th, 2009. The group worked to strengthen the US/Canadian partnership to advance school mental health.

You can view the agenda, presentations, and handouts here.

Australia country-level report for the International Principals Survey is now available.

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Canada country-level report for the International Principals Survey is now available.

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The Report of Major Findings from the International Survey of Principals Concerning Emotional and Mental Health and Well-Being is now available.

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A poster of THE MELBOURNE CHARTER for promoting mental health and preventing mental and behavioural disorders is now available:


The presentation slides from the talk given by Louise Rowling and Gloria Wells at the conference "Expanding Our Horizons: Moving Mental Health and Wellness Promotion into the Mainstream" in Toronto, March 6th are available (warning: 11 MB):

The Sept. 8, 2008 Melbourne Mind Your Head meeting report and photos are now available.

Please also see these two compilations of media reporting from Australia:

and these powerpoint presentation slides:

Intercamhs recently entered into a partnership with the International Confederation of Principals (ICP). View a picture of the ICP signing or read more about our collaborative efforts to advance mental health through schools in the latest issue of the Intercamhs newsletter.

Explore planning tools on mental health policy and implementation.

Browse a collection of articles on the development, implementation and evaluation of curricula to promote mental health in schools.

What does INTERCAMHS mean by "Promoting Mental Health through Schools"?

Promoting mental health through schools supports a whole school approach involving effective mental health promotion, intervention and treatment. This approach is supported by policies, skills for social emotional learning, a healthy psycho-social school environment and access to services in the school or in the broader community. The full participation of teachers, students, families and community agencies is encouraged with informed dialogue and collaboration among people and programmes throughout all phases of the continuum. This action is supported by principles that value diversity and inclusiveness, and practice that creates conditions for empowerment and school organizational development. It emphasizes the critical role of evidence to guide training, policy, research and practice across four areas:

  • Universal mental health promotion, which seeks to improve school psychosocial environments, skills-based health education for social, emotional learning and brings resources and programs to all students to promote health, successful teaching and learning and academic success;
  • Selective interventions, which provide prevention programs for young people presenting risk factors for problems;
  • Indicated interventions, which provide early interventions to young people exhibiting emotional and behavioural problems; and
  • Treatment, which provides more intensive services to youth presenting established emotional/behavioural problems.

If you have comments or feedback on this working definition of mental health promotion through schools, Intercamhs would love to hear from you. You may participate in a webboard discussion at: http://boards.edc.org:8080/~intercamhs-public.


























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